Candidates for office often seek endorsements from individuals and organizations. Sometimes an endorsement will include a campaign contribution, but more importantly, an endorsement from a trusted official or association can help to motivate other voters to support the candidate. And, like any other type of candidate, those pursuing judicial office also seek endorsements.

        Which brings me to this week’s message. In the past few weeks, the endorsements for #BrockTheCourt have been rolling in, and we will be posting and updating the list at and social media. The most valuable endorsements won’t always make the official lists, however, so I thought I’d highlight them here. But before getting to those, here is an overview of the endorsements that I am proud to have earned for my candidacy to the Michigan Supreme Court:

  • Michigan Farm Bureau AgriPac;
  • Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM);
  • Michigan Chamber of Commerce;
  • Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce;
  • Michigan Realtors;
  • Michigan Manufacturers Association;
  • Associated Builders & Contractors of Michigan (ABC of Michigan);
  • Right to Life of Michigan;
  • Congressmen Huizenga and Moolenaar; and
  • Over 85 state judges, legislators, prosecutors, and sheriffs, including Sheriffs Bouchard (Oakland), Jerue (Clinton), Murphy (Livingston), and Bailey (Berrien), 4 Speakers of the House, 2 Senate Majority Leaders, an Attorney General, and a Solicitor General.

        We will be announcing these and other endorsements in more detail over the coming days at, so stay tuned!

        As mentioned, however, there are more valuable endorsements. I grew up in a small farming community in Southwest Michigan, and most of my best friends today are those I met in kindergarten and first grade. Earning the support and endorsements of Eric Decker (police commander), Johnny Knowles (excavator), Todd Kinney (project manager), Mike VanMiddlesworth (app developer), Yole Velo (electrician), Beth Leverton (commercial sales), Scott Cayo (teacher), Eric Applegate (construction), Jessie Michilizzi (photographer), and others from Athens and Union City is, to say the least, humbling. In the end, however, after the passing of my father and brother when I was a young kid, and my mother more recently, I know that it is the support of my wife, children, grandma, and other family members that counts the most.

        So, to my friends and family, I simply want to say, Thank you.