SE Michigan Legislators Endorse Brock Swartzle

“I am proud to support my friend Judge Brock Swartzle for the Michigan Supreme Court. When I was a member of the House of Representatives, I worked closely with Brock on a variety of legislative issues, and I can attest to the fact that Brock has the background, experience, and knowledge of the laws of our state that are needed to sit on the highest court in Michigan. As a current judge on the Court of Appeals, Brock adheres to principles that uphold our state and federal Constitutions. You can see for yourself by reading his opinions on his website. Judge Brock Swartzle is who we need to replace Justice Markman on the highest bench, and I ask that you join me in voting for Brock Swartzle on the non-partisan portion of your ballot this November.”
— State Senator Lana Theis, 22nd Senate District

State Senator Dan Lauwers, 25th Senate District
State Senator Kevin Daley, 31st Senate District
State Senator Dale Zorn, 17th Senate District
State Representative Eric Leutheuser, 58th House District
State Representative Joe Bellino, 17th House District
State Representative Jason Sheppard, 56th House District
State Representative Henry Vaupel, 47th House District
State Representative Gary Howell, 82nd House District
Former State Representative Nancy Jenkins, 57th House District
Former State Representative Kurt Heise, 20th House District