In last week’s post, I previewed a number of endorsements that #BrockTheCourt has earned recently, including Farm Bureau AgriPac, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Realtors, more than 85 state officials, and others (see here and here). This week, the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) joined the growing list of endorsements. This endorsement holds special meaning to me.

        Taken together, small businesses are the largest job providers in Michigan. More personally, I know firsthand the importance of small businesses. After leaving Clark Equipment, my dad owned and operated several small businesses in Battle Creek, including Besco Water Treatment. After he passed away, my uncle continued the family business, and my brother, my sister, and I each worked at Besco at one time or another. Some of my favorite memories as a teen involve driving a delivery truck for salt and bottled water and the interesting people I met along the way.

        My mom was a small business owner even earlier than my dad. She started teaching dance when she was 14 years old. Mom later opened a dance studio in Union City, and she was known as “Miss Judy” throughout Calhoun and Branch Counties by 1,000s of dance students for decades. And my grandpa was a farmer (the consummate small business) and, in retirement, had a small golf club repair business. For most of their adult lives, my parents and grandpa were their own bosses—they reaped the rewards when times were good, but also suffered the risks when times were hard.

        I love the spirit of entrepreneurship that every small business owner has, from the dance teacher to the Uber driver to the realtor to the store owner to the farmer. My mom used to say, “Bet on yourself,” and each small business owner does precisely that, each and every day. And while I don’t own a small business, I like to think that my parents passed along to me some of this risk-taking spirit that they embodied—if running for the Michigan Supreme Court doesn’t qualify as risk-taking, I’m not sure what does!

        Thank you, SBAM, for your support and endorsement. The movement to #BrockTheCourt continues to grow, and with your help, it will grow right through to November 3rd!